Monday 7 June 2010

Swiss Invention for Oil contamination in the Gulf ?

Oil Treatment International (OTI) has invented a sustainable solution  for non-toxic bioremediation for cleaning up oil contaminated waterways. The video here is a documentary of one of their tests and explains exactly how their product could be deployed almost immediately in the Gulf oil spill.

OTI's product SOT11 acts in a  totally non-toxic way and acts as a natural mediator to reintroduce oil into the natural process of degradation without applying any bacteria, nitrates or phosphates.

OTI's product has been specifically created to decontaminate without generating waste. Their product focuses entirely on the bioremediation of oil spills on water bodies, oil spills on soil and shorelines as well as the cleaning of objects contaminated with oil.

Among the environmental safety features of this new substance, the product is designed to decontaminate without generating waste and does not interfere with the natural flora and fauna of coastal and inland waterways. Their solution of oil bioremediation is successfully finalized within 2-4 months of a given treated area.

The actual material SOT11 is made of naturally occurring compound minerals, but as one might expect a trade secret and according to their website:

"SOT 11 is composed of powdered natural and non-toxic materials. SOT 11 is a solid adsorbent, strictly inorganic." Furthermore, "The SOT powder is dusted on the film of crude oil or its heavier fractions. The Oil-SOT 11-complex sinks finely dispersed to the bottom of the water body within two to four hours, leaving the water clear and free of oil. The fine crude petroleum droplets in the SOT 11 sediment at the sea bed serve as substrate for microorganisms."

Since the oil flowing the gulf is on it's way around the Florida keys perhaps that might be a good place to begin dropping the granulate, at the very least to prevent it going further up the east coast ?
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