Thursday 24 June 2010

Lino surfing, A phenomenal stop-motion animation

Here is a hypnotizing and coolly executed stop-motion animation  with the pursuit of perfect waves on linoleum in the plastic world, made by Karim Rejeb.

In a recent interview Karim  was asked about his influences:

"The Universe. We are moving somewhere in between the infinitely big and the infinitely small. What is the purpose then and what is our task? I still don’t know how it is possible when you’re there in the barrel, how many correlations of things to make that happen. Is there a reason? Is there someone at the head of it? Surfing is for me just a place where I get some answers to my questions."

At 15 frames a second and with a length of 7'35" means an extraordinary number  of set ups and set downs moving each shot a small enough distance to successfully intimate real continuous motion seems a somewhat Herculean task ! Nevertheless the amazing soundtrack from bluesmatty keeps us amusedly motivated and entertained throughout.

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