Sunday 2 May 2010

Plastic Kills Sea Turtles & an Hawaiian beach disaster

As if the environmental disaster currently unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico weren't enough of a man made catastrophe then watching this shameful story of the havoc and horror we have created with our everyday use of plastic. Plastic bottles, plastic cups and tops, bags plastic packaging

Seriously. Plastic lasts forever. plastic never biodegrades. Yet we use untold amounts of it  to make disposable objects that we discard after a short period of time, sometimes just minutes, or a few hours. This is not merely hazardous and cruel to all marine species but contributes greatly to the more broader problem of habitat destruction on an immense scale.

And as if that weren't enough check out the recent BBC video report on how oceanic plastic debris is turning an Hawaiian beach 'into plastic'.

You may ask just how might the world turn this form of pollution and killing of wildlife around ? Well, fifty years ago, every glass bottle you bought at the shop could be exchanged for a little money, Thus one  idea we can almost put into immediate action, might be to put pressure on policy legislators to make every product consumed in plastic, refundable !

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