Saturday 22 May 2010

Hydra: A Carbon Free mobile water purification system

is an on-site self fueled, solar-powered hydrogen fuel cell system or more specifically revolutionary next-generation mobile power plant and water purification solution. a single trailer-mounted device that converts undrinkable and or polluted water into over 20,000 gallons or 75,708 litres of pure water a day, stores electricity better than a battery, makes medical-grade oxygen, and runs on the sun.

The inventors Brad Carlson and David Squires, demonstrate in the video how it can be flown in by helicopter, dropped by parachute, or delivered on the back of a pickup truck to almost anywhere in the world

This amazing system is probably the most useable water purification solution for the more than over one billion people in the world today who do not have clean drinking water. It would also prove invaluable for those who experience impromptu natural phenomena like earthquakes and other extreme natural disasters.

Visit their company's website The Essential Element to learn more.

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