Monday 19 April 2010

TechRestore disassembles re-assembles iPad

The first thing that strikes you about this video is the uniquely creative sound effects of this stop-motion animation tear-down treatment. It's pretty fun to watch. Apparently it only took 4 minutes of real time to pull it apart and re-build it !

Critically speaking there seems to be more than enough space within the enclosure to have a camera, an SD Card reader or a simple USB port in it, surely ?

But hey, isn't this all part and parcel of an Apple product ? Or are there production issues to be considered when building a completely new product ?

I tend to think that apple build the simplest which becomes the cheaper option available for the market, then listens to its critics and responds in the next generative model. I'd certainly be interested in reading your opinions in the comments section of this post.

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