Thursday 11 March 2010

A concept boat that flies and glides

or Zep'lin by Renault is an enticing blue-sky concept developed by industrial designer Damien Grossemy who set out  to explore a new design language of electric vehicles, during a five month internship at Renault.

He imagines the use of solar panel sails and electric propulsion allowing a yacht like zepplin to fly throughout our future airspaces.

"Featuring a vertical architecture, the concept vehicle by the French designer can change direction quickly and land anywhere without the need of infrastructure. Generating energy from solar panels located on the top, the Zep’lin can tilt toward the sun, thanks to the ingenious rudder system, for optimum energy generation. Moving like a sailboat, the Zep’lin is a new symbol of eco-commutation." The Design Blog 

Grossemy has come up with a land anywhere vertical architecture that incorporates a propeller drive, flexible wing and rudder system that would enable the craft to tilt sideways to make the most of the Sun's rays. Beats me how it could possibly work in anything other than blistery conditions ? Perhaps a low altitude aerosol navigatior ?
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