Monday 19 October 2009

Awesome: The Electronic Popable Book

The High-Low Tech group at the MIT lab led by Jie Qi with assistance from Leah Buechley and Tshen Chew are developing tools that democratize engineering. Here in this video, they have created  an electronic pop-up book that explores the integration of paper, electronics, mechanics, and computation. Their book uses traditional pop-up paper book mechanics which also integrates modern paper-based electronics for more “dynamic interactivity.”

"We believe that the future of technology will be largely determined by end-users who will design, build, and hack their own devices, and our goal is to inspire, shape, support, and study these communities. To this end, we explore the intersection of computation, physical materials, manufacturing processes, traditional crafts, and design."

And, hey presto the crafty popup books of our childhood's learning and playing, become live exciting interactive sculptures that satisfies "the kid", left in all of us.

Inspirational mention.
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