Wednesday 23 September 2009

Welcome to the new Wowd

Wowd, is in real terms a cloud architecture web browser search engine cybernetic tool, phew.
Mark Drummond, CEO, of Wowd, explains in the video interview, with Tim Reha, that Wowd is a new type of search engine that uses the attention data of real human beings as opposed to machine-powered search engine rankings.

After a user downloads and installs the Wowd app into a browser, a users internet behavior is sent  and collectively recorded within a cloud of computer servers, wherein all the data moves around within itself, and from time to time sends recommendations based on your interests back to you.

"Personal information isn't stored on a centralized server, and no registration is required; yet browsing history is saved to recommend more personally relevant and interesting content."

There is at present no search engine or bookmarking tool that works almost entirely and independently without a user needing to do anything. The user can choose to remain bookmarking pages, using social bookmarking tools, like  Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc. in another browser and or the Dowd one.

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