Monday 21 September 2009

Mystery Marine Animals

Four teenagers in Panama, claim they were playing near a cave at Jet Blue Hill in Cerro Azul on Saturday when they encountered a hairless mystery creature that they photographed. It appears to have an animal-like head, but a strange body with skinny, human like arms. The teens said, the creature was alive when they found it but they killed it with rocks after it began approaching them.

 Although zoologists in Panama aren't sure what it is, some say it resembles a human fetus, but it appears to me be more like a genetic mutation of a shell-less turtle !

 While we're on the subject of ignorant teenagers behaving like dimwits, check out how a couple of Japanese lads deal with an (unknown to them) marine creature.

Whilst we're on the subject of dimwit behavior we ought also question the motive of the CNN news video cast labeling an unknown creature as an Unidentifiable Object ?
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