Thursday 27 August 2009

Mr Doob: Chrome experiments not your mothers Javascript No.2

Google gravity, and the search field apparently remains active !

I must say I seem to be waiting to long for a suitable OSX version of Chrome. The feature that should be prevalent in all contemporary browsers, Tabs at the top, isn't !

Safari 4 Beta had it for a short while, but alas when I updated to the next version the feature had been written out. Damn shame about that. Although I read a hint on, and tried to do it, and seriously missed out on re-enabling them, likely because I didn't quite understand the doing of the hack.

Tabs on top of the browser window allows one to cascade the windows and see at a glance where pages are in all opened windows. So I remain hopeful that tabs on top will return for the eagerly anticipated Snow Leopard.

Incidently here is Mr Doob Chrome experiments not your mothers Javascript No.1
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