Wednesday 5 August 2009

Dominic Hargreaves Invents folding bicycle

Dominic Hargreaves from Battersea, London, has just won the James Dyson Award for Innovation, which awarded him £10,000 for his brilliant folding bike, he calls The Contortionist.

He said he wanted to create a decent folding bike after the one he was using collapsed. "I couldn't find a folding bicycle I liked, and so I wanted something that could take a bit of punishment and that you could have fun with. So I made one myself."

Competition founder James Dyson said: "The clever bit is how the front wheel can be rotated and repositioned so that the whole of the bike's frame fits into its circumference."

Amazing to observe that his original bike collapsing must have inspired him. Dominic is in contact with various manufacturers and hopes to, soon get the bike into production.

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