Monday 3 August 2009

Concerto for Infrastructures

"This video was conceived as part of a collaboration between the Bauhaus Foundation Dessau and Muoto Architects on the theme "Urbanity and Infrastructures". It offers an interpretation of the industrial and infrastructural landscape of the Saxony-Anhalt region in Germany. A mirror effect makes the landscape appear flooded. Water covers the ground, but reflects and reveals the sky. The video was originally shown as a series of 11 loops displayed on 11 screens. The similar rhythm of the videos played simultaneously raised the feeling that infrastructures form together a mechanical orchestra rehearsing an abstract concerto."

This video, by Gilles Delalex (Muoto Architects) is one of the 80 videos which have been selected for presentation within BEYOND MEDIA 2009, VISIONS, which is about the evolution of cities to prompt a deep, appealing reflection about our current concerns: urban conflict, social interaction, ecological resources, mobility and tourism and the evolution of cities.
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