Friday 31 July 2009

Moebius Movement Five by giuliano saade

"The reflex. Illusional Infinity. Gives back all truth from its front. Hide all the truth from its back. Seams like we live in an Universe, a day, a life with no end. Reflex blinds us. Deny us half the truth in space and time. In beginnings and ends. In days and nights. The Moebius Movement Series is inspired in the Moebius curve not by its math values but by the illusion it creates. It brings us the claustrophobia of an endless universe. Like a child submerged in a pool looking up to its reflex. I use 3D programs and a little motion design to create these small peaces of infinity..."

The video was in my experience somewhat slow to begin, but is moving to fast for self absorbed pondering, but perhaps this a good thing ! However I wonder if you found the soundlessness of it, as rewarding as I do ?
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