Thursday 28 May 2009

Panorama: Brian Eno Audio-light installation on Sydney Opera House sails

is part of Luminous light festival in Sydney. From May 27, the sails will be lit from 6pm - 1 am every night until June 13.

Luminous is a festival of music, ideas, light and performance presented at the Sydney Opera House curated by Brian Eno. Thie festival features a plethora of music acts, alongside public talks and spectacular light and art installations, and is presented in partnership with Sony as part of Vivid Sydney.

The projected slides are from a large audio-visual work 77 Million Paintings which uses 'self-generating software' to manipulate 300 of Eno's drawings. He says it aims to provoke 'visual ecstasy' and 'heightened calm'.

Here, Peter Murphy has provided us with a better than real life panoramic close up of Brian Eno's projection, viewing east across Sydney Cove.

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