Wednesday 28 January 2009

ThermaVolt: : Solar hybrid system Harvests the Sun’s Light & Heat

Traditionally there have been two types of solar panels, a type that can produce clean electricity or heat your water. Entech Solar has developed a new type of panel that does both.

"The solar unit has both photovoltaic (PV) cells to convert the sun’s light into usable energy and a fluid-filled pipe to trap the sun’s heat and use it to warm water. The device is efficient and economical due to a Frensel lens that concentrates sunlight to 20X its normal power. With such intense light, the amount of PV cells required is 95% less than that of a traditional solar panel. The lens also serves to increase the amount of heat that reaches the fluid-filled pipe."

Check out this video detailing how the ThermaVolt™ system works: ThermaVolt Video.

Brightphase Energy is another company building products that produce both electricty and heat. Their Photensity panel contains silicon solar cells rated at 18 percent efficiency for electricity generation. They also contain a fluid filled pipe that can be used to heat the building’s water. In addition, because the cells are mounted on seperated strips that look like venetian blinds, the panels can let light into the building, which reduces the need for artificial light during the day.

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