Thursday 15 January 2009

Solio: : the Itinerant Solar Power recharger for Hand-held gadgets

Solio is the world’s smallest, smartest and most environmentally friendly solar charger for recharging almost any handheld gadget you may have in your pocket and some.

"The compact Solio features a fan-blade design that allows it to achieve maximum solar area when in use. Just spread out the blades, expose them to direct sunlight either outdoors or affixed to a window. An internal battery stores the power for whenever you need it, day and night. Charging Solio’s battery takes 8-10 hours of direct sunlight, and a fully charged Solio provides up to 14 hours of additional standby time for your iPhone, iPod, GPS, Camera, etc..."

Solio ceo (Chris Hornor) is tele interviewed here by Dr Kiki Sanford.

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