Sunday 21 December 2008

Alchimia: transdisciplinary explorations fusing media art and science

Alchimia is a live interactive cinema work that draws equally from the visual and sonic arts. This networked duet explores the use of infrared sensors, microphones and midi control instruments to animate an evolving matrix of virtual 3-D forms ....... The project is a collaborative effort created by artist-performer-programmers David Stout and Cory Metcalf. In Alchimia the 3-D forms are capable of emitting their own sounds resulting in a surprising array of sonic expressions induced by the shape, size, luminance and movement of the visual object itself. The kinetic behavior of these “synthetic organisms” includes morphogenic expansion and contraction controlled by the hand gesture of the performers or automated by a bank of 16 low frequency oscillators. Alchimia is unique, in that, the sound is not an illustration of visual properties but rather the direct and simultaneous result of manipulating the visual field.

The video is best to be viewed full screen and although its exciting, the whole work is longer than 10 mins. which in my opinion suffers from overwhelming sameness.

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