Sunday 7 September 2008

Scott Hobbs Invents Touchscreen Turntables

Entitled the ATTIGO TT it is two touch-screens with vertically scrolling waveforms that can be cued, scratched, dragged and altered in pitch - manipulated in pretty much anyway you do vinyl. They can be plugged straight into a regular mixer.

The Attigo TT Touch-screen interface is designed for DJing with mp3 tracks, (video).

The TT allows DJs to see, hear and touch music in a completely new dimension with a visualization of the music traveling vertically upwards. The waveform of the music can be manipulated similar to a vinyl record on a turntable, with the ability to ‘scratch’ and along with all the other functions to control the music, this is the most simple and exciting way to mix mp3 songs.

Scott Hobbs
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