Saturday 9 August 2008

9: A Dark Animated Short Sci Fi by Shane Acker

This animator manages to instill feelings for the characters within the viewer, and without dialogue. The story of the animation is about zippered ragdoll creatures, of which there are nine, are being eliminated one by one by a creature which is craftily assembled from various junkyard parts until only 9 is left to defend itself, lest it be next to be eliminated.

Shane Acker in an interview has said

Inspired by the work of stop motion animation masters Jan Svankmeyer, The Brothers Quay and the Lauenstein Brothers, I sought to immerse the audience in gritty textural world inhabited by creatures composed of fabric scraps and bits of broken machinery.The fantasy artwork of Zdzislaw Beksinski and photographs of European cities destroyed in World War II inspired the scenic design.The non-verbal narrative is loosely based on the old English Poem Beowulf, and relies heavily on pantomime, combined with strong composition and staging to tell the story.

This animation is a pilot for a feature movie presently being made and its release is mooted for December 2008. See his website for more.
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