Wednesday 9 July 2008

GypsyMIDI Motion Capture MIDI controller Turns Your Movements Into Music

Danny Allen of PC World Magazine, takes a look at the GypsyMIDI MIDI controller, a suit that uses upper body movements to operate any MIDI-compatible hardware instrument or music creation software (including Ableton Live, ProTools, Cubase, Logic Audio, Traktor DJ Studio, VST plug-ins and more.)

The GypsyMIDI is a unique performance instrument for motion-capture midi control, enabling a wide range of musical and visual applications. Setup and operation is simple, intuitive and quick. The suit is modeled on the human skeletal form using rotational sensors placed on the joints. The GypsyMIDI simply plugs into a MIDI interface and arm movements are converted into a real-time stream of MIDI data. The mapping interface eXo-software allows the user to define how the movements are translated into MIDI control, including the ability to trigger notes, generate continuous control commands or even play scales. Real-time control of sliders, cross-faders, and buttons allows many parameters such as volume, filter cut-off & resonance to be manipulated instantly.

This device may bring musicians who are now performing behind laptops back on stage.

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