Friday 18 July 2008

Eek eek lock up your penguins a polar bear is loose

This bear though is an inflation that doesn't immediately threaten because he's an animated sculpture created from garbage bag detritus off the streets of New York. The artist;Joshua Allen Harris has exploited the possibilities of subway exhaust. Using only tape and garbage bags, he creates giant inflatable animals that become animated when fastened to a sidewalk grate.

Harris recalls:

While I was walking on the street, I happened to notice a piece of orange construction tape rising from a subway exhaust grate. It just glided skyward, almost asking for attention. I then became interested in what that wind could do and how I could work with it

Thus the artist invites the viewer into a world where life and death cycles in time with the public transport system and I particularly like the blue figure waving the passing foot traffic by in this video or a goblin on the wall called Cling,

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