Tuesday 24 June 2008

Comcast's Throttled Ultra HD Video Building Entrance

Comcast presents a 10 million pixel video display and covers over 700 square metres of wall space with four-millimetre LED lights. The images and video that play on this super screen do so with a resolution that's five times that of HDTV. Comcast ended up paying Barco $22 million for the wall display and accompanying automated control room, which handles about 27,000 gigabytes of information. If you have 10 minutes to spare, the impressive presentation video of this thing in action is definitely worth a view, although one may imagine that there is a huge difference merely watching a 10 minute video here on youtube than experiencing it in the flesh as people in the vicinity may, and its open in the lobby of the Comcast Centre in Philadelphia with projections for 18 hours a day.

Read further about Comcast's throttled ultra HD video installation and engineering here.


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