Friday 23 November 2007

Olympus Births HD Panoramic Movies

Olympus has developed a new video camera and projector that can capture images with a full 360-degrees horizontal view in 1080i HD resolution. The camera, which looks more like a high-end immersion blender than a camcorder, is outfitted with a tapered lens that can grab omnidirectional images within a vertical plane of 50 degrees. The camera utilizes a proprietary system based around an "axisymmetric free-form-surface lens," the camera can shoot video at horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 360-and-50-degrees, respectively; the images can then be projected in the same range by a separate unit.

On the left is a camera that can shoot video images with horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 360 and 50°, respectively, in full HD resolution. On the right is the projector in the centre of the room inwhich the images shot with this camera are being projected on a cylindrical screen.

The lens is shaped like a top with a diameter of about 6cm. It is made of plastic. It can form omnidirectional images (horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 360 and 50°, respectively) on a plane surface in an annular manner, or project annular images on an omnidirectional surface.

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