Wednesday 31 October 2007

Matryomin Theremin Delivers Eclectic Sound

Japanese theremin maker Mandarin Electron has embedded a pitch only theremin inside a Russian matryoshka doll dubbed "Matryomin" as a means of creating art with art. Embedded inside a handmade Russian matryoshka doll, the pitch-only theremin can be easily manipulated through the soft wood to produce delicate electronic and eclectic sounds that give the doll the appearance of singing to the touch of the player.

Theremins were conceived by the Russian inventor Leon Theremin in 1919, so the Matryomin is as much a tribute to Russian ingenuity as it is a strong eye-catcher for a musical performance. Now, combined with a Japanese sense of style and design, it’s reached a new level on a small scale. The Matryomin runs on four AA batteries, with rear controls, and is incredibly lightweight at 500 grams. The Matryomin was created by master thereminist Masami Takeuchi seen here playing a piece called Swan.

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