Friday 21 September 2007

Sculpting Computer Graphics in the air Creates 3D Illustrations

Although the inventors of this technology refer to it as Drawing on Air, it is in reality a way of creating a 3D illustration in the air and is therefore a sculptural gesture. This technology works by the user donning a virtual reality mask and grasping a stylus with one hand and holding a tracking device in the other hand. This enables the user or artist to sketch a 3D object or virtual object in their foreground airspace.

Drawing on Air uses drawing guidelines, force feedback, and two-handed interaction to help artists draw this type of curve more precisely. The system then transfers the 3D drawing into the computer for use in 3D modeling, design, and illustration programs.

In a trial with 12 trained artists, results showed that Drawing on Air was easy to learn and provided sufficient control to illustrate complex 3D subjects with variety. For example, biologists studying bat flight find accurate 3D illustrations very valuable, since bats have a flexible wing membrane and curved bones that actually bend during flight. Artists in the trial successfully drew bats based on data from a bat flying in a wind tunnel, revealing the details of the animal’s anatomy in motion, and simplifying the uninteresting parts of the body.

This invention will presently moreso only be available to institutions or wealthy individuals, the rest of us will have to wait for cheaper alternatives to be developed. Nevertheless starving artists are usually good at begging, read sponsorship or residences.

Via: Physorg
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