Wednesday 23 May 2007

A Whale of a story

A rather daunting prospect awaits you if you are prepared to sit and watch a streaming image of a full sized blue whale glide across your screen. I only have a 512k broadband and a 17inch monitor, I therefore only had enough patience to watch the blue whale's eye slide out of view. So I imagine an ADSL2+ speed or higher might be more pleasurable and probably even more so if you either had at your a disposal a large wide screen TV/monitor or better still a projector. The accompanying audio track creates a similar cohesion to Brian Eno's 77 million paintings, except that the blue whale is making the sound and is therefore not a generative widget. Nevertheless the whole experience of the gliding whale echo's a similar ambience to Eno's work ?

There are few creatures that evoke as much mystery, awe, and wonderment as do whales. So many of the greatest worlds and creatures imagined by comic artists, video-game makers, and film-makers are inspired from these lumbering giants.

Unfortunately, the closest most of us will ever get to whale will be watching one through a pane of glass at an aquarium or maybe (though hopefully not) on one of those horrible whale watching (chasing) tourist boats. And even then the best you’ll get is a Beluga whale or maybe an Orca.

Thanks to some clever Flash work by the anti-whaling folks at WCDS, now you can see a life size whale right on your computer screen–life size! If your week is getting off to a hectic start and your Monday starts to spiral out of control, just click below and take a moment to drift in the sea with this gentle beast. This is a must click.

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