Thursday 31 May 2007

Bill Gates Showing off his Expensive Table

Billy Gates was on the Today Show (USA) this morning showing off his fancy new table. Want to see it in action rather than just in photos? Check the video for all sorts of goodness of it being used for all sorts of applications, such as playing with photos, wirelessly pulling photos off a camera, and ordering and paying for food using credit cards.

Nevertheless it maybe interesting to note Touch Screens have been around for a good while now, I must admit that I do remember having seen this screen being demoed a little while ago in a a tech discovery site which unfortinately at the present time of writing I can't remember, hang on was it around the time that Steve Jobs announced the touch screen iphone back in early January this year ? maybe ?
I find it pretty damn freaky that Mr Gates already the worlds richest man in the world will with this device have unimaginable numbers of these screens in every commercial precinct on the globe and beyond. whew. Hey so everyone will have an apple in their pocket and a Microsoft on every table. I imagine it won't be to long before were all reading Murdoch epaper on the bus in the morning ?
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