Thursday 22 March 2007

War, in Waves

The Design and layout of this Artists site impresses plus she has heaps of interesting content.

"Systems are the focal point in the work of artist Louisa Bufardeci. Through her clever detournements, Bufardeci reveals the constructed logic behind the presentation of information, compelling the viewer to reexamine its order. For a recent project, Bufardeci employed the traditional technique of needlepoint to illustrate sound waves. By transforming sound clips that evince the atmosphere of our current war--taped telephone conversations, anti-war speeches, and pistol shots--into visual mementos stitched with care, the artist presents a tranquil document divorced from its thoroughly charged context. An audio artifact transformed into a visual artifact through a painstakingly calculated process, the practice parallels the organization needed to drive battle operations, yet the inability for this effort to cease the reoccurrence of violence throughout history. Each work is diligently framed, suggesting that all representations of war are susceptible to the encasement of a! larger ideological structure. Fully engaged with the 'shock and awe' effect of mediated warfare, Bufardeci's needlework translates its loud and unsettling source material into an eerily silent visual". - Ceci Moss
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