Thursday 18 October 2012

Gibbs Quadski Amphibious ATV quad bike

is an off road, amphibious quad bike and is apparently the first land vehicle for sale that can exceed 10mph (16kph), in water. Equipped with all-terrain tyres and four-cylinder BMW-supplied engine, the vehicle can drive up to 45mph (70kph) on land and amazingly the exact same speed in water.

Driving it directly into water, the driver depresses a button and within 5 seconds the wheels tuck up under the sides of its body, presumably for better hydro-dynamics. Similarly on approaching land,  the driver depresses a button lowering the wheels into drive away position.

According to Alan Gibbs inventor and founder of Gibbs Sports Amphibians "You just drive straight into the water, quite fast, and keep going. It's sort of magic."

Watch an earlier prototype version of the Quadski in the video after the jump.

The video here appears to represent a recreational context, but Gibbs's website shows him to be marketing it as much towards the search and rescue functions. Gibbs expects to begin manufacturing it next month and is mooted to make it available for purchase at the end of the year for an estimated $40,000, which likely puts it in another bracket outside your average Jet Ski or ATV!

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