Wednesday 2 November 2011

Concept Airplane of the future from Airbus

has an interactive, virtual cabin with transparent walls. Can we wait until 2050 though which is when Airbus postulates this aircraft will come into service ?

Airbus is exploring ways of both enhancing users experiences and creating a more environmentally friendly vehicle. Among their hypothetical thinking is a transparent panoramic membrane roof enabling seeing both airspace above and below the seating and in natural light. Notwithstanding 'intelligent' cabin wall membranes and interactive games, but also a new aircraft structure would allow for walls which control air temperature. 

Holographic pop-up gaming displays and in-flight virtual reality entertainment empowered  by the heat of passengers' bodies and interaction with aircraft cabin with the palm of your hand, where the aircraft recognises you and shows you to your seat and takes care of your luggage and passengers will be able to jack into the aircrafts communication system
where you will have the ability to change the size and feel of your chair.

Here now is a slick animation video with a groovy music sound track 

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