Sunday 21 November 2010

Loell by Mosaik

is an entertainingly sublime piece of music with an equally mind numbing ray tracing animation, and is one of my favorite chill out tracks by Swedish electronic music composer, Mosiak.

Yes, and the animation (which is not an official video for the music track), could almost seem synchronously relevant, but is playing a game of hit and miss in your relaxed state of mind whilst your attentively listening and watching !

It seems everyone who hears this piece of music is hanging out to understand  what - Loell - means if anything ? But I hesitate a guess, that it's short for low owl !

Say or sing, lowowl .. whilst the track is playing more than a few times and it actually sounds as if its an onomatopoeic transliteration the tone the piece makes!

Should you feel like hearing and or getting more of this cool composers work, then go to Mosaik's official site for downloads and more info.
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