Wednesday 13 October 2010

Noodle People or TimeRemapExportHD

is a wacky video experiment created by Adrien Mondot inwhich he used time map editing.

Time remapping is a less-than-intuitive tool, otherwise known as variable speed editing, it allows a video editor to expand, compress, freeze, or even play footage backwards.

Maybe you've seen the recent slew of motor car commercials on television where the cars appear to be speeding up and slowing down in an unnatural way. Thus the video here, appears to make  people into slow-motion spindly winding noodles.

Adrien was able to make this entertaining little video work really smoothly by shooting with a Canon 7D at 60fps and editing the clip with a custom Quartz Composer plug-in that transforms a video stream into a 3D texture.

The music accompanying this noodling video is by the Beirut band.
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