Friday 10 September 2010

Tomorrows computer and mobile phone display concepts

Practically daily we see more and more innovative display terminals popping up. And as our computers, televisions and mobile phones get progressively smaller and thinner, display screen technology is steadily becoming reduced to a mere sheet of glass covering interfaces.

Multitouch screens and gesture panning are already with us, so the next likely steps in interface device development will likely be, transparent monitors in the bathroom and in the office, retractable phone screens, tactile feedback, flexible e-ink and LCD screens that roll out and or fold up.

The video here is the result of TAT's Open Innovation experiment, where we get to appreciate an experience within a few moments of a day in the future, using some cool gadget interfaces.

One peculiar moment in this video, is the use of a contemporary Apple keyboard and mouse, surely one would have imagined at the very least some virtual keyboards ?
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