Monday 19 July 2010

Jan Vormann Restores Crumbling Walls With Lego Bricks

Instead of plaster or stucco,the German artist Jan Vormann mends cracks,holes and fissures in buildings. Vormann uses a novel but fun approach to repairing broken building facades, and  crumbling architecture.

Vorman calls his street art Dispatchwork, with the emphasis on the patchwork.

According to Wired magazine, Vorman's "approach favored function over appearance, reminding Vormann of the haphazard Lego designs created by children."

Vorman has spent the past 3 years traveling the world repairing crumbling walls building facades and monuments with Lego bricks, and has left his mark on the streets of Amsterdam,St. Petersburg and Tel Aviv,among other places.

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