Wednesday 24 March 2010

Yellow Star: Reactive Kinetic Sculpture

The Yellow Star hangs from the ceiling, like a chandelier without lights. Each link has a motor and a motion sensor creating slow jarring movements. This outline of the amoeba-like shape changes as people move through the space. It can see itself move, triggering more movement, cool chain reactions and behavior patterns. It's something between an animal and a toy.

The work intently intrigues and amuses me all at once, but its best without audio,

Perhaps it's also reacting to that as well ?

Meridith Pingree is a Brooklyn-based artist who works in drawing and sculpture. Much of her work is concerned with physically tracking human behavior and traffic patterns using quasi-scientific, homespun, reactive sculptures. She uses sensors to pick up on people’s energy and movement throughout a space. Her work exists as amplifications of this subtle energy, creating unconventional, complex portraits of people and spaces
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