Sunday 20 December 2009

Budgie Cyber Chat tweet tweet

Come to think of it we are all going to the birds as an ever increasing population of online voyeurs, doers and shakers, are all pecking to the rhythm of 140 characters or less, twattering, twittering and tweeting !

Feathered friend aficionado Andrew Grantham is showing us here "his budgie bird Nibbler watching "warboop's): Budgie Mickey on youtube:) You can hear my other budgie McChirps squawking in the background at the vocal Mickey but Nibbler wants to be more up Close and personal. When he hears/sees Mickey talking he gets very excited and goes into a pecking frenzy lol. "

So fellow twitter's, did we glean anything from watching our tweetering cousins providing the best of cyber twittering and retweetering ?
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