Friday 9 October 2009

Piano spiels out Proclamation ...

of the European Environmental Criminal Court at the World Venice Forum 2009. Although the narration is in German, the piano re-sounds it in English, as are the subtitles.

Miro Markus, an elementary school student from Berlin, narrated the text for the performance. Then Austrian composer Peter Ablinger transferred the frequency spectrum of the child's voice to his computer controlled mechanical piano.

"Ablinger's intriguing setup breaks down the sound of a recording into voice "pixels" that can be replicated using the pitches available on a piano, then plays the recording back using mechanical actuators to press the piano keys." from

Note whilst watching the video, its worth reading the subtitling, as it helps to clarify the human voice with the sound from the piano. The striking of the hammers on the strings and the fading of the volume creates the auditory "illusion" of fricative consonants, the tones and pitches create the rest.
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