Wednesday 7 October 2009

David de Rothschild; heading for Sydney on a plastic bottle boat !

Eco adventurer David de Rothschild is in the process of building a boat made entirely of recyclable plastics with the technology needed to sail 10000 miles across the Pacific.

"A highlight of the trip will be a visit to a region of floating plastic trash and particles known as the Eastern Garbage Patch. De Rothschild and his team will collect water samples to study and, using a satellite phone, post photographs and video clips on the Web site of Adventure Ecology, an environmental organization that he founded. His goal is to call attention to the perils of ocean polluting and to suggest a solution: waste as a resource" read on

Here, in this video de Rothschild and members of the crew talk about the building of the boat, at Pier 31 in San Francisco, California, using compressed co2 gas inside plastic drink bottles for the hull.

I hate to think that this vessel doesn't break up during a hurricance,cyclone or stormy weather. He does however say in an interview, that;

"when we all arrive safely in Sydney, finger’s crossed, the entire vessel will be broken up and each element wherever possible will be up-cycled into another product or developed into another use. It would entirely defeat the purpose of the expedition if we were to dock and leave the boat to the chipper."

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