Saturday 18 July 2009

Dupont Lightstone Welcomes us to the Digital Stone age

Dupont Lightstone has developed a new concrete building slab that has embedded fiber optics which is able to transmit images and or movies through it. This turns an otherwise boring concrete wall of floor into a new type of digital signage that puts an interactive image directly on surfaces like floors, sidewalks or other exposed surfaces like facades at street level.

"It’s aesthetic signage that becomes a natural part of the building’s architecture. It has the power to surprise because the viewer doesn't know that it’s a screen until a live image appears out of nowhere."

By embedding optical fibers into the concrete and controlling the position of each of the fibers the image is projected through to the other side where it appears. Thousands of tiny light emitting fiber ends comprises the live image and the same fibers detect touching of the surface which makes the Lightstone interactive.
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