Wednesday 8 July 2009

Content-Preserving Warps for 3D Video Stabilization

A software engineering team has developed a technique that transforms camera shake from hand held video camera so that it appears as if they were taken with a directed camera motion.

The video discusses all current camera correction technologies such as Deshaker, 2D Stabilization, 3D Stabilization and how they implement Voodoo (a public available reconstruction system) to originally reconstruct the camera motion and a cloud of 3D scene points ...........

For the purposes of their video stabilization technique they fake small viewpoint shifts with a Content-Preserving Warp which is not they say, linearly accurate.

Go here to download the video in either large or small sizes and all associated videos of there Siggraph Demonstration 2009 where they compare iMovie video's and Deshaker video's with their method.

With this revolutionary software, potentially everybody could be shooting Hollywood style productions, maybe?

Here to is the link for those interested in downloading the voodoo software.

The rather excellent music track is by Nuttin But Strings and hey, what cool site they've got.
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