Saturday 4 April 2009

MxR Architecture by Daniel Belcher

This video demonstrates an intriguing smorgasbord of Mixed Reality (MxR), and virtual world models as Tangible Augmented Architecture composition.

"MxR Architecture mixes physical and virtual models together in a single interface. Using Mixed Reality, virtual models can be superimposed over real models in real-time, allowing the designer/user/client to make changes, simulate sun angles, run agents studies, add components as well as transition to a fully-immersive VR view at any time. Daniel Belcher. Design Machine Group. College of Architecture and Urban Planning. University of Washington. 2008."

Quite apart from the technical nature of this video, Tyler Potts sublime minimalist ambient sound bed subtly adds conveyancy to the motion.

The project thanks Camille Cladouhos from Hitlab NZ

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