Wednesday 11 March 2009

Inventor Creates Winged submarines that "fly" underwater

Graham Hawkes a world-renowned engineer and inventor, wants to revolutionize the way we experience the oceans. He has been in the business of building submersibles for more than a decade. His company, Hawkes Ocean Technologies , built vehicles for researchers and moviemakers, and for the ultra rich he built The Super Falcon.

Now he has prototyped a more affordable version so that more people can fly with Great White shark or find some territories that humans have never seen before?

"On one of the submersible's first test voyages, Hawkes' team encountered a group of hammerhead sharks. The sharks were curious and swam around the watercraft. One engaged the sub in a game of chicken, only to veer off at the last minute. It was a great reward, Hawkes said."

The drive train of the flying sub is powered by batteries and turbines and engineered with special care to be incredibly quiet. The vehicle also is very maneuverable enabling it to navigate in strong currents, (video).

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