Sunday 8 February 2009

Arabesque : : Kinetic Sculpture with actuated life size body parts

This kinetic sculpture by Peter William Holden

"presents itself as a mechanical flower: a simulacrum of nature. Life sized human body parts, impaled upon steel, move and sway and dance. The limbs, translucent and livid, bare their internal robotic mechanisms to the gaze of the viewer. The wiring itself is an aesthetic expression deliberately integrated into the installation to bring chaotic lines of abstract form to contrast with the organized symmetry of the body parts. The lifeblood of this organism is air and when activated this air flows invisibly, bestowing movement to these mechanisms and its presence is only betrayed when exhaled loudly from the valves attached to the serpentine air hose.This combined with the rattle of relays and the tandem clattering of pistons to produce a hyper-modern accompaniment to the music of Strauss."

Although the construction of Arabesque may be a verifiable mark of engineering a viewer could never entirely appreciate the work as a whole since one may never be physically able to encapsulate the view directly above which highlights its synchronous symmetry, without absorbing this video.
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