Friday 21 November 2008

Joule in the rough; South Africa beats GM to market with an electric car

Joule is a play on South Africa's notorious blood-diamond trade as well as a reference to energy and its creators say it uses about 20% of the energy needed by a conventional car and produces no damaging environmental emissions.The six-seat multi-purpose vehicle’s interior and exterior was styled by Keith Helfet, the South Africa-born designer who became famous as Jaguar’s chief stylist.

According to the manufacturer Optimal, the Joule is all-electric with motor-driven front wheels and in-wheel magnetic propulsion at the rear, delivering a range of 125 miles / 200km range, with two packs providing 400km in total.

This video of the Joule was made at the launch party in South Africa before its world release at the Paris motor show.

So far there seems to be no mention of price or availability !

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