Friday 12 September 2008

Latinsizer play Celofán

Searching for an album cover image for a Latinizer tune I have in my collection, I hit upon their unusual website. The overall presentation of their website assimilates the notion of a how one initially makes a sketch or drawing to decide on ones design. Latinsizer have merely painted in the sketch and have appeared to hand written the words, thus resulting in something akin to a Fine Art painting.

Similarly the video director of Celofan has drawn his inspiration from the way the musicians milked the sounds they made from one old synth module; the Korg MS-20 which was one of Korg's first major successful portable analog mono-synths. The musicians used patch-cords to over ride the hard wiring of the instrument and thus the video maker encapsulates this technique playing on the notion of hardwiring meat and vegetables.
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