Wednesday 6 August 2008

viewzi: New Visual Cloud Search Engine

viewzi, is a whole new way to experience searching on the internets. Instead of one big list, you get clear visual views tailored for the content you are looking for, watch the introductory video's on the site to see how this works.

viewzi is a visual search engine that animatedly offers the user several types of search window interfaces. Instead of taking a machine approach to search results, Viewzi provides it’s users 2 dozen or so interpretations or “views” of your query.

If you’re doing a search for say David Byrne, Viewzi will present you with an MP3 view, an album view, a news view, and multiple versions of a photo view, among many other views.

This search engine is a seductive approach to searching and while it offers multiple views of individual searches, I'm certain that one would consume a lot of time just viewing the results. The mp3's view is the most startling since it seems just about any word , words or phrase will offer up a range of possible playback previews.

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