Saturday 17 May 2008

Robotic Exoskeleton Enables Superhuman Strength

Robotic engineering company Sarcos, based in Salt Lake City is under contract with the U.S. Army, to build robotic suits that amplify human strength and endurance up to 20 times (video).

Much as the brain sends signals to tendons to get muscles to move, the computer sends instructions to hydraulic valves. The valves mimic tendons by driving the suit's mechanical limbs, replicating and amplifying the wearer's movements almost instantly.

Chief designer of the robotic suit, Stephen Jacobsen,. says the invention, in essence, provides a way for people to increase their mobility and lift heavy objects with ease.

Although it's still in a beginning stage, the inventor envisages the suit as a valuable contribution to not just the military, but also to factory workers, firemen, and the disabled.

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