Monday 5 May 2008

R2-D2 Digital Audio/Video Projector; High Nerd Value

R2-D2, an icon of cinema and a comfortable fixture in any home theater is able to project from a distance of over 16 feet with an 260-inch image, with built-in DVD, iPod dock, all kinds of digital media inputs, and the Millennium Falcon remote control.
R2-D2 has a knack for turning your living room into a deluxe movie theater or gaming-on-the-ceiling arcade. He even plays all the songs on your iPod.
If you haven’t been drooling over the R2-D2 Digital Audio and Video Projector yet, perhaps this video will do the trick.

For all the features,specifications and availability of R2-D2 Digital Audio/Video Projector go here.

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