Monday 7 April 2008

Balancing Scooter: Skateboard Segway Hybrid Concept

This transporter would have to be one of the most compact and affordable devices yet made. Its small size and low energy requirements makes it ideal for safely maneuvering large areas like airports that one usually has to walk for sometimes miles

[iSlide] utilizes a hydrogen fuel cell and onboard gyroscope to attain speeds of around 15 kph. Described as a mix of snowboarding and skateboarding, the iSlide’s motion is controlled by leaning forwards (to accelerate) and backwards (to slow down).

The video is rather long and the riders don't appear to be very active in their riding ! Nevertheless towards the end of the video clip we get close ups and explanations of the components and assembly, except to say that there doesn't appear to be any info as to how long the power in the hydrogen fuel cell lasts ?

It appears as if the inventors or creators may perhaps begin manufacturing the platform if they get enough approval votes on their website.

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