Wednesday 5 March 2008

SkyTran - A Personal Maglev Transport System

Doug Malewicki has invented the SkyTran system which operates with individual, two-passenger vehicles,that are propelled and suspended by a maglev system from overhead guideways. These are laid out in a one mile by one mile networked grid throughout the city. A large number of small departure and exit portals are placed underneath the guideways at approximately every 400 metre.

To see animated rendering of the SkyTran technology in the context of LA traffic, take a look at this video. The inventor, Doug Malewick explains that the System uses off the shelf components, and is therefore merely a matter of assembling them into a ready to use system.

Unimodal has partnered with SkyTran, to help bring about the maglev technology, a lighter cab, and the capability to go at higher speed (150mph).

Although this invention seems achievable the only problem is finding enough research dollars to build and test a demo system with its components.

I wondered just how much electric energy it would use and whether the inventor might also consider building an energy farm to power it ?

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